Change. Forever.

Our story

Over a decade of research and close cooperation with the world’s best athletes we have developed a unique weight management system. So far, SMYLEAN helped many triathlon athletes to overcome their biggest challenge - to lose the last grams of body fat before the championships. Today, after 5 years of development, we agreed to make SMYLEAN available not just for professional athletes, but for anyone with the goal to live a healthier life.

Our vision

SMYLEAN's ultimate goal is to fight the global obesity epidemic by re-shaping individuals. Helping people to reduce their body weight comes not only with the side-effect of getting fit but it also helps people to feel truly happy. By doing so, our company is striving for the unique win-win-win value: by changing the individual, we change the world, and ourselves thus giving a triple benefit to everybody – a true 360° approach!

Our products

All our products are a perfect symbiosis of 100% natural ingredients and state-of-the-art technology to allow you to successfully reach your goals in the easiest way possible. More than 200 natural ingredients were collected, balanced, and put into one package. With SMYLEAN we accumulated the essence of nature and made it available for everyone.